Sapphire says: Björn, yes I agree, we all love exotic. i am from the USA and i have a great interest in Swedish women dating a girl with guy friends. They are victims too, although they do not see it that way, and who has to put up with them for years and years also probably will not see it that way, too. Mario (Born in sweden, has had lots of REAL swedish girls) CanadianChick says: “(although artificially blond dyed hair)…” Yes I have noticed this in pictures too. I hope you know which ones to call “fussy” son. There is nothing wrong with Sweden as it is one of the most Utopian nations in the world. Perhaps he does not like your friends, its not that uncommon that people dont like each others friends. I’ve had internet fights with Americans that even snoop wouldn’t be able to understand dating a girl with guy friends. It is impossible to get passionately involved with Swedish women. I think it’s the bad treatment from some men what made women want to “fight” against that instinct, as under those circumstances it was seen as something negative. I know, the “poor guy” thing doesn’t sound so good sometimes but that’s what they will think, however they will be sympathetic and friendly. So if you remember her during, say wednesday at 14:00, you can briefly sms with something like “hey, how did that presentation/whatever work out.

I dont feel the need to stand up for myself, this blog and all these women wanting to know how to find a swedish man, and those that have said so many nice things about my country men =). I’m 29 and i live in Ireland but my origins are polish. Some Swedish girls are OK with Catholic, American or Muslim values (neither of which respect women very well), but most are not. Thanks for taking the time to write down all these answers, ill be sure to remember them =D @At swedish girls sucks Dano says: I think the Swedish guys are taking all this rather well considering,lol. Everything that happens has a cost (positive and negative, called externalities). To me, that’s not the definition of equality. I know for a fact that Swedish guys are very polite, but a latin man shows politeness in different ways. Some think spanish or latin girls are hotter. After reading this and many other blogs I’ve decided to change a 10 day trip to Sweden and visit Germany again. It’s quite hard to find girls that actually have a nice personality. I am nice to open doors for them and be courteous but also know what I want and don’t have any problems telling you what it is. But it is good to know that things can be slow.

Although he can also ignore me trough email and msn. They were natural, fit, educated (for the most part), strong, and sweet. ’ I’m told they prefer that instead of, “let me get your number, or let’s have dinner sometime..
. She has been coming and we have watched movies, cooked, etc but I don’t really want her to get the whole ‘blockbuster’ impression of me. Obviously, you can just snap back at me that this comment is ridiculous as a response to what essentially amounts to a silly (as in lighthearted rather than vapid) blog post. Biochemist says: Ivan says: @ biochemist. Björn says: @Dano Pretty much everything on that list is exaggerated. Plus that relationship will be one long argument because the women here are so full of themselves, full of anger too if you scratch the surface, and they always think they’re right about everything. They aren’t violent in any way and they have a lot of respect for women. ...

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